Slide show

Slide show is now available. You can view all photos in an easy way. There are two versions namely ‘High Res’ and ‘Low Res’.

  • High Res :
    This version needs high internet bandwidth for good performance of slide show. Photos will be displayed in good quality and resolution.
  • Low Res :
    This version is for low-bandwidth users. Here, the resolution and quality of photos is low. Good for slow internet connection which will not affect the performance of slide show.

Play modes:

  • Fit screen
    In fit screen mode, photos will be compressed, if it is of very large size to hold the screen. It is recommended to use fit screen as you can easily view photos without scrolling.
  • Play, pause, next and previous
    Pause/Play your slide show. Move your photos next or previous through bottom buttons
  • Transition speed
    You can set the speed of transition for your slide show in seconds. Default is five seconds. Make it comfortable for you to view your photo in time.